Kate Dreyfuss, violinist

violinist and educator

kdreyfuss210@gmail.com • (973) 986-8536

Dear Beth,

I’m writing in hopes of working with you to help tell Verismo clients’ stories, so first I thought I should tell you a bit of mine.

As I write this, I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Williamsburg waiting for the doors to open for a project that, coincidentally, involves one of your clients: the Hildegard Competition concert at National Sawdust. I’ve been a big Lidiya Yankovskaya fan since working with her last season, and a graduate school friend of mine (Niloufar Nourbakhsh) is also one of the three winners of the competition.

My violin, which rarely leaves my side, is tucked safely underneath the reversible Music for 18 Musicians tote bag that I ordered (from the UK) so I could carry my favorite piece with me at all times. After the concert, I’ll head home to Long Island to prepare for a summer of performing at festivals in Detroit and Houston, as well as the debut of my brand new ladies band, Quartet Doyenne, in Saratoga, NY. This schedule is typical of my life these days: living and breathing music in as many contexts as I can find, nurturing professional connections and creating my own opportunities.

If I’ve learned one thing since deciding to pursue the violin professionally five years ago, it’s that storytelling is as integral to a performer’s success as the hours spent in the practice room or in rehearsal. Storytelling is advocacy for the arts and the artists: getting to know clients as human beings and helping them articulate their strengths—perhaps even helping them uncover details about their stories that they didn’t know existed—in order to share their brilliant and inspirational work with a world that desperately needs it.

That’s why I want to work with you to help you communicate Verismo clients’ stories. Like you, I come from a liberal arts and performance background. I love writing, and I’m nerdy about grammar and editing (is there anything more satisfying than crafting the perfect turn of phrase?). My friends would describe me as a type-A detail-oriented person. Additionally, I’m a quick study, am always hungry to learn, and pursue excellence in everything I do.

This position at Verismo is also perfect for me because it combines the advocacy I really care about with flexibility that works with my schedule. I am currently based on Long Island, near Stony Brook , where I have just completed my doctoral coursework. There are two recitals and an oral exam standing between me and my DMA, and I expect to graduate in 1-2 years. I am in the city regularly for performances and rehearsals, and I’m close enough to make trips to the office and client performances when needed. My schedule is quite flexible, and would allow me to respond to work-related tasks in real time.

I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my story with you, and I hope to speak with you soon about the exciting possibility of working together. I’ll leave you with a video from a recent performance: here’s the last movement of Richard Strauss’s epic Violin Sonata in E-flat Major, with Miki Aoki on piano.